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Meet a New Arrival!
Keaton Spencer Geist
My Dad used to kid around, saying that my name was supposed to be Jesus. Jesus Geist! My parents also considered naming me "Polter" but they went with Peter instead.

My wife is from a Spanish background, so when we found out we were going to have

Keaton Spencer Geist
Keaton Spencer Geist and Dad

a baby, we toyed with the idea of naming our baby Jesus. We intended to just wait until it sank into people's minds and imagined that they would then give us very strange looks.

I always liked the name Keaton but I thought my wife wouldn't go for it, so we both agreed on either Max or Spencer when we found out we were going to have a boy. I mentioned that Keaton would be a great middle name. She agreed. So we went with Max Keaton Geist. Then my wife decided that perhaps Max Geist was "too German." And since I'm from a jock-tough guy family, Spencer as a first name didn't seem to work.

So I suggested Keaton Spencer ... and my wife loved it. I couldn't believe that she was going to go for it! She really doesn't have any interest in Buster Keaton and the silent era. Wow, my first born named after the great Buster Keaton! A huge influence on my life and career. We started asking relatives, friends and total strangers what they thought of the name. Everyone loved the name Keaton. Very cool.

I smell show business in his blood. We even had several people ask how we came up with the name. I proudly say "after the famous film star" and they reply, "Oh, Michael Keaton?" or "Diane Keaton?" No, silly, Buster Keaton!!! I've been writing bits and routines so one day I can add him into my show. One of the routines involves me entering onstage doing a very physical routine. I need a drink to cool down, so I drink this strange blue-colored water. After I realize the label says "Incredible Shrinking Fluid." I run off gasping my throat. Then Keaton enters clad in the exact same suit, shoes and hat that I am wearing, including my trademark black glasses. I plan on doing this as soon as he can walk. Kinda like a mini me. As he gets older he can do more time, and if he is interested I will teach him a short routine - juggling, magic, slapstick ... and most of all making fun of his old Dad!

Written By Pete Geist

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