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GEIST Visual Comedian - DVD; click to see larger image
Napkin to Bunny
From the creative mind of Pete Geist comes the Napkin to Bunny! A cloth napkin amazingly transforms into an adorable bunny rabbit right in your own hands! The classic turning a cloth into a bunny rabbit is now improved. We have taken this old table gag and turned it into a complete three-dimensional puppet! Visual magic at its best! As seen in the Geist Visual Comedian's touring show!

GEIST Visual Comedian - DVD; click to see larger image
GEIST Visual Comedian - DVD
74 Minutes of pure silliness! Rated fun for the whole family!
Professional physical comedian/modern vaudevillian Pete Geist teaches step-by-step on how to juggle and perform cool magic and funny gags.

TADA T-shirt; click to see larger image
GEIST Visual Comedian-TADA T-shirts
3-color on white cotton T-shirt
Available in Large and X-Large

Autographed Poster; click to see larger image
GEIST Visual Comedian-Poster
Size: 11" x 17"
Full-color, Heavy stock paper

Nose Trick; click to see larger image
The Incredible Balancing Ball on Nose Trick
Plus a limited edition post-card
You can amaze your friends with the same trick that GEIST performs in his live stage show!

Juggling Balls; click to see larger image
Juggling Balls
With instructions for easy learning

Book of Magic Tricks; click to see larger image
102 E-Z Magic Tricks Book
The same 14 page magic book that GEIST sells at his live performances is now available here. Includes easy to learn instructions and the rules of magic all in one book-WOW!
(Please remember-what you are paying for is the secret-shhh)!

Post Card Collection; click to see larger image
The GEIST Post Card Collection
Four (4) full-color post cards
Five (5) rare black & white post cards

Funny Nose w/Big Glasses; click to see larger image
Jumbo Glasses w/Big Nose
Limited quantities available

Magic PK Ring Magnet -Size 10 Silver; click to see larger image
Magic PK Ring Magnet -Size 10 Silver
Magic PK Ring Silver - Size 10 Magnetic Material Grade: N40 Plating: Chrome This is a size 10 silver plated wedding ring. Magnetized through the thickness - in line with your finger. Perform great magical effects with this simple looking and stylish wedding ring. Impromptu chop cup routines, vanishes, levitations etc. Normally PK Rings sell for $25. to $ shipping. Please note this is a large ring -size 10 -please make sure you know your ring size before bidding. No refunds. Includes ring -no instructions.

Rigid Silk Plus; click to see larger image
Rigid Silk Plus
The Handkerchief Trick with a difference. A folded silk hank is removed from Magi's pocket, twirled around so it's like a length of rope and held upright where it remains stiff and rigid! A billiard ball is balanced on the tip of the silk until finally silk collapses and all is normal! Cool trick and EZ to perform! Comes complete with red silk, gimmick, yellow ball and detailed instructions.

Amazing Silk Vanish Magic Trick; click to see larger image
Amazing Silk Vanish Magic Trick
A silk handkerchief is pushed into the empty fist. The hand is then opened to show the hanky has vanished! Alternately a silk hanky can be produced from the empty hand. Supplied with a silk hanky, the special gimmick and instructions.
Plus with this gimmick you can perform many other cool tricks!

Bang Aid Jumbo Sticker; click to see larger image
Bang Aid Jumbo Sticker
We all know how embarrassing it can be to have an ugly dent in the side of your car.
This giant band aid will cover it and show that you have a sense of humor too!

Magic Juggling Scarves; click to see larger image
Magic Juggling Scarves
The easiest way to learn to juggle, with slow moving 17" square nylon scarves. Includes three 17" Juggling Scarves plus detailed instructions on how to juggle and perform several magic tricks with the scarves. Super Bright Neon Colors -see photo.

PROFESSORS NIGHTMARE Deluxe Magic Rope Trick; click to see larger image
Magician displays three ropes of three different lengths. The ropes are folded and stretched.. Magically the three ropes change to equal length. Finally, the ropes change back to their original size. Ropes are examinable. Made from a deluxe thick cotton rope + colored bright yellow with green tips. Also includes full color EZ instructions!

Popcorn Dye Box Magic Trick; click to see larger image
Popcorn Dye Box Magic Trick
An innocent appearing popcorn size box is shown empty, on all sides. Performer then produces silks, cards, ropes, etc. Excellent for dyeing silks, restoring mutilated handkerchiefs, etc. Instructions for 12 different tricks furnished. Absolutely no skill required. Every magician should have this excellent device. Highly recommended. A classic!

Large Magic Clown Coloring Book - Flip Book; click to see larger image
Large Magic Clown Coloring Book - Flip Book
Magician shows what appears to be a regular coloring book illustrated with black and white pictures of clowns. At his command, the pages become brilliantly colored, then turn blank, and are shown as regular again, for a sensational surprise and triple treat. 8 1/2" x 11". EZ to perform and includes detailed instructions! Made in the USA! Quality prop!
Click here to see the Clown Book Demo Clip!

Comedy Super Jumbo Comb; click to see larger image
Comedy Super Jumbo Comb
World's largest comb! A giant 15" molded in plastic with perfectly formed, rounded teeth. This is not the cheap thin plastic models sold elsewhere. A great gag joke to give to swell headed boss, executive or to big headed friend, etc. Please note this is for one individually packaged super jumbo comb. Various colors.

Comedy Snake Nut Can; click to see larger image
Comedy Snake Nut Can
The classic snake in the can trick has been improved with a brand new CLOTH Snake. Watch your friends jump. The cloth spring snake comes in bright colored quality materials. These are great for performers who want to just "can" the can (sorry) and use the snake in another production!

Dollar Snatcher! - Metal; click to see larger image
Dollar Snatcher! - Metal
This reel used by both jokers and magicians. Magicians use it to make objects move or levitate. Jokesters use by attaching to objects such as a $1.00 bill and reeling it in just as the surprised person is about to pick up the bill. Finely made for this low price.

The GEIST Playing Card Gag; click to see larger image
The GEIST Playing Card Gag
Jumbo 5 x 3 1/2" playing card with a metal/wood harmonica fastened to the backside. Ask the audience "Hey what's this?" The answer "Ace of Spades" You reply "No silly it's a playing card!" performer begins to play into the harmonica! Great site gag & comedy prop for musicians, clowns, jugglers, magicians, MC's or all around funny guy/gal. EZ to perform and oh so portable!


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