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It's 5 minutes before show time and your guests are anxiously awaiting tonight's entertainment. You panic, your comedian had to leave because his wife went into labor! You explain to your guests you have a backup for the evening. It's a staff waiter, but it's his first night on the job.

Look no further, introducing ... The WACKY Waiter!

This formal but buffoon-like waiter creates havoc, mayhem and laughs galore. Either as a stage or strolling act, bringing his dinner diversions to parties for all sizes of events. Awards banquets, cocktail hours, Christmas parties, corporate sales meetings, or any event that you want to produce fun and memorable times, The WACKY Waiter is your guy!

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News Bulletin: Wacky Waiter channels spirit of Keaton

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The WACKY Waiter
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Horst Group Emp. Apprec. Banquet
Lancaster, PA 2/8/03
Horst Group Employee Appreciation Banquet
Horst Group Employee Appreciation Banquet
US Food Service Trade Show Expo
Mirage Hotel & Casino Event Center
Las Vegas NV 3/25/03
US Food Service Trade Show Expo
US Food Service Trade Show Expo
"The Wacky Waiter's contribution to our event was promised! I heard from dozens of people that their sides were split and mouths were sore from watching him at our AFRDS Networking Luncheon in New Orleans. What fun!"

-Vickie Mabry
Associate Director

"From the moment The Wacky Waiter walked in until he departed, you could almost feel that magical comedic "presence" that adds a sense of enjoyment to any party atmosphere! Many of our guests were still asking "Was that waiter with the hotel staff?" That is exactly the unexpected edge we wanted to present as people arrived, were seated and began the night's festivities."

-Todd Willman
Marketing Manager
GGS Information Services, PA

"Our employees continue to rave about The Wacky Waiter's performance! Loved the audience participation -it was Great!"

-Norm Randall
Entertainment Committee
Dutch Gold Honey, PA

"From start to finish, The Wacky Waiter kept the audience laughing. Great audience participation!"

-Banquet Coordinator
ASA of Central Pennsylvania, PA

"What a great act!"

-Jim Cerra
Kanawha Valley Builders Association, WV

"The Wacky Waiter was great! Stupendous!"

-Leonard Maltin
Film Critic
Los Angeles, CA

"Geist made his grand-entrance-our employees started laughing and never stopped! He's hilarious! I could not have picked better entertainment for our Employee Appreciation Day!"

-Louise Moyer
Human Resource Manager
Dalloz Safety Company

"Everyone on the committee has heard nothing but praise for the Geist program. I've been stopped on the streets of our city by fellow employees and spouses to tell me what a great entertainer that Geist fellow was. Great job Geist!"

-James C.York
Event Planning Designer
Conoco Inc, OK

"Geist act was hysterical and everyone really enjoyed it - even the "volunteers" from the audience. The Wacky Waiter was great, but my favorite part was Geist and the TuTu Man! Our employees are still talking about your silly antics this morning. The Wacky Waiter added just the right touch to our 40th anniversary celebration."

-Gerry L. Hershey
Banquet Committee Chair
Lancaster Laboratories, PA

"I want to thank Geist for helping to make our Membership Breakfast one of the best yet. I have had many wonderful comments about your Wacky Waiter act. I saw people laugh that I thought were incapable of cracking a smile!"

-Matthew R. Marshall
Membership Coordinator
Sevierville Chamber of Commerce, TN

"I haven't laughed this hard in a long time". "This is the best employee dinner ever!" "Let's have Geist back next year." These were just a few of the many positive comments heard at our Employee Appreciation banquet. Thank you for adding a great deal of pleasure to the lives of our staff, administration and board members."

-Terri McGovern Potrako
Director of Community Relations
Tel Hai Services, PA

Here are just a few companies that have experienced The WACKY Waiter:
  • IBM
  • Exxon
  • Blue Shield
  • TV Guide
  • AMP
  • High Associates
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Dart Container
  • US Food Service
  • Mirage Hotel & Casino
  • Quaker Oats
  • People's Bank
  • PA Dentist Association
  • PA Gas Association
  • General Electric
  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • Engineer Research of MI
  • Bank of Hanover
  • Mon-Health Systems
  • Federal Mogul Corp
  • PA Food Merchants
  • Fidelity Federal Bank
  • NY Marriott Marquis
  • PeopleSoft
  • Showboat Casino
  • Peco Energy Co.
  • Pepperidge Farms
  • Edison Energy
  • The Horst Group
  • Zook Molasses Co
  • Val-Pak
  • Norelco
  • PJ Dick
  • Mortgage Bankers Assoc.
  • First Union
  • PCS One
  • Conoco Inc.
  • Lancaster Laboratories
  • Y & S Candies
  • Exellon
  • Accu-Sort Systems
  • Dodge-Regupol
  • Gateway Reality
  • Boose Aluminum
  • HB Reese Co.
  • Keystone Young Pres.
  • Building Industry Assoc.
  • Handy & Harmon
  • Herr Potato Chips